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80's party mix

80's dancehall mix

great for a party, one mp3

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1. Admiral Tibet- Leave People Business

2. Spanner Banner- Life Goes On

3. Thriller U- Prove It To You

4. Yami Bolo- Jah Made Us All

5. Pliers- Come On Baby

6. Little John- Run For Cover

7. Super Cat- Cry Fi Di Youth

8. Wayne Wonder, Nardo Ranks- What Happen To You

9. Johnny P.- Fight Fi Old Bruk

10. Cutty Rank- Gunman Lyrics

11. Cutty Ranks- Fishman Lyrics

12. Johnny P.- Raggamuffin

13. Charlie Chaplin- Premier Plaza

14. Admiral Tibet, Shabba Ranks- Serious Time

15. Chris Wayne- Idle Jack Ass

16. Robert French- Acting Strange

17. Courtney Melody- How Long Will Your Love Last

18. Johnny P.- Hold On To Your Faith

19. Brigadier Jerry- Free Mandela

20. Conroy Smith- Dancehall Possie

21. Half Pint- Level The Vibes

22. Half Pint- Hold On

23. Half Pint- Winsome

24. Little John- Spin Your Roll

25. Yellowman, Peter Metro- The Girl Is Mine

26. Lone Ranger- Lovers Affair

27. General Trees- Bike Family

28. Anthony Red Rose- Champion Bubbler

29. Papa San- Pick Your Choice

30. Papa San- Pilot Get Mad

31. Robert French- Ruff And Tuff

32. Courtney Melody- Modern Girl

33. Major Worries- Make Some Money

34. Admiral Tibet- Hold Me Tight

35. Frankie Paul- I Remember

36. Frankie Paul- Fire Deh A Mus Mus Tail

37. Michael Prophet- Gunman

38. Admiral Tibet- Think Mi Gone

39. Admiral Tibet- Terrorist

40. Courtney Melody- Sound A Dem Trouble

41. Red Dragon- Hell Rider

42. Johnny Osbourne- Water Pumping

43. Mighty Rudo- Sunshine

44. Junior Reid- One *lo**

45. Junior Reid- Bad Man

46. Junior Reid- Banana Boatman

47. Junior Reid- Ra Pa Pam Pam

48. Junior Reid- Cant Take The Gun

49. Sluggy Ranks- Saddam And Gomorrah

50. Mighty Diamonds- Pass The Kutchie

51. Robert French- Tourist Season

52. Barrington Levy- Sister Carol

53. Clint Eastwood- Give One Of Your Girlfriends

54. Anthony Johnson- She Have Fi Come A Me

55. Little John- All Who Gone

56. Early B- Visit Of The King

57. Freddie McGregor- Who Jah Bless

58. Cocoa T- The Chalice

59. Josie Wales- It Have Fi Bun

60. Toyan- It Have Fi Light

61. Charlie Chaplin- It Have Fi Done

62. Yellowman- Bun The Kutchie

63. Michigan And Smiley- Pass It To The Church

64. Half Pint- Political Friction

65. General Trees- Guide Us Father

66. Admiral Tibet- Babylon War

67. Pliers- Ruff This Year

68. Pliers- No Better No Deh

69. Pliers- Bias Dem Bias

70. Pliers- Dem A Watch We

71. Pliers- Muder She Wrote

72. Shank-I-Sheck Riddim

73. Tristan Palmer- Run Around Woman

74. Mighty Diamonds- Juvenile Child

75. Sammy Dread- Bad Company

76. Yellowman- Mad Over Me

77. Toyan- Spar With Me

78. Malibu- My Friends

79. Early B- Circle Jamaica

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